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EurAsian  Scientific  Editions
EurAsian Scientific Editions (E-A.S.E.) is an organization that aims at encouraging, among other, trans-disciplinary research and publications. It may assist authors in various regards, be it in advising them or in facilitating and undertaking publications.

One of the diagnoses, which motivated the formation of E-A.S.E., is that there is a natural tendency to specialization, which has many comfortable aspects for scientific authors of any discipline; specialization however easily turns into over-specialization, restricting the access to reflections of authors to specialists of a narrowly defined discipline. An external view may be beneficial to authors who wish to share their reflections or discoveries with a broader audience. E-A.S.E. purports to provide authors with this external view, thanks to its network of writers and scientific readers eager to promote trans-disciplinary access to knowledge and reflections. This is however accomplished while keeping in mind that, as Albert Einstein is reported to have coined, “everything shall be made as simple as possible, but not simpler”.

E-A.S.E. may also provide practical advice regarding distribution and promotion of scientific publications.