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Nicolas RouillerInternational Business Law. An introduction to the legal instruments and to the legal environment of business from an international perspective ") // 624 p., ISBN 978-9949-38-196-8692015

The book presents the substance of the legal rules applicable to business operations from a perspective based primarily on the international sources that, nowadays, increasingly shape a universal understanding of legal rules and concepts.

Among a large number of topics, it deals notably with contracts, agency, companies, intellectual property (incl. licensing), security rights (incl. letters of credit) and financial instruments.

It also lays down general principles regarding business crimes, non-contractual liabilities, constitutional liberties and procedural rules.

Designed for multinational audiences of students in management and economics, in order to enable them to acquire a workable knowledge of the legal instruments and of the legal environment of business, it can also be useful for lawyers interested in an international perspective.

Published : 2015

EUR 69
Neil Hugh RilettPotential costs and benefits of Brexit: impact of European Union non-membership // 130 p., ISBN 978-9949-7201-1-8452017

The present book gives its reader an original insight into different aspects to be considered when evaluating the potential or probable impact of the EU non-membership on the economy of the United Kingdom.

In his very personal style, the author analyses the consequences of Brexit within 5 distinct domains and then concludes with a challenging discussion and evaluation of what he identifies as the effects of Brexit.

The book contains tables and graphs that help understanding this complex and intriguing topic.

Published : 2017

EUR 45
Daria SolenikLa loi étrangère dans le contentieux judiciaire européen // 749 p., ISBN 978-994-938-27-74552016

This doctoral thesis, which has gained three prizes (Law Faculty of the University of Nancy, University of Lorraine and Lorraine Region), assesses the potential of EU law to harmonize or to unify the judicial treatment of foreign law within the Member States. To that effect, it combines the study of the national law of each of the 27 Member States with a supranational analysis of the foreign law theory.

Written in French, with a summary in English, this book is a very useful instrument for law practitioners (judges, attorneys, civil servants), students and academics.

Published : 2016

EUR 55
Nicolas RouillerCryptocurrencies: current realities, philosophical principles and legal mechanisms // 26 p., ISBN  978-9949-7201-9-472020

This paper deals with practical aspects of cryptocurrencies, including the legal framework and instruments, but also with the underlying philosophical or political approaches that motivate creators of cryptocurrencies. These motivations are diverse. A feature common to most of them is the idea of a decentralized financial ecosystem, without(or with a strongly reduced role of) intermediaries and organizations that fulfill centralizing functions (notablybanks):as a consequence, power is distributed and autonomy increased. For some, the philosophical source is a form of anarchism or of democratism;for others, it is a critical analysis of the economy, in particular of the situation of governmental currencies and of the fundamental inflationary potential resulting from contemporary monetary policies (like, in technical terms, quantitative easing, or, with a more polemic tone, currency debasing).

Identifying the philosophical approaches - or several of them - is useful from many points of view, as this also enables to understand in a deeper way numerous technical and practical questions.

Published : 2020

Victor A. Kanke Encyclopedia of Metascience and Special Philosophy of Science // 1209 p., ISBN 978-988-14066-1-3 (Hong Kong), 978-9949-7485-0-1 (Estonia)502021

In the present monograph, the formal philosophy of science, its two components, conceptology, and methodology, as well as 21 varieties of special philosophy of science, are considered in a systematic theoretical form.

All theories are interpreted within the framework of the main philosophical directions of modernity, in particular, analytical philosophy, hermeneutics, poststructuralism, phenomenology, and critical rationalism. An original theory of intratheoretical and intertheoretical transduction is developed and ethical representations are widely used. Exceptional attention is paid to the transdisciplinary approach, as well as the conceptual development of pluralism in modern science and the fullness of scientific knowledge.

The book is one-of-a-kind in the modern literature. It is intended for researchers, university professors, graduate students and undergraduates.

Published : 2021

EUR 50
Alexander V. RostokinskyPre-legal regulators and pre-human behaviour: ethological observations of a criminologist // 152 p., ISBN 978-9949-7485-3-2152021

In the present book, the author analyzes the problems of preventing illegal behavior and neutralizing the impact of the criminal subculture, as well as examines some issues related to the effectiveness of punishment measures associated with the isolation of criminals from society from the point of view of the modern ethology achievements.

The publication is addressed to legislators, law enforcement officials, researchers, students and everyone who is interested in this topic.

Published : 2021

EUR 15
Mikhail Y. ZelenkovReligious terrorism in the modern world order // 273 p., ISBN 978-9949-7485-2-5182021

The book examines the role of religious terrorism in the modern world and discusses fundamental challenges and threats posed by religious terrorism to the modern civilization using a system-integrated holistic approach.

It also analyses the influence of religion on modern relations in the world and the reasons that gave rise to Islamic fundamentalist terrorism in the 21st century.

The book is of interest to the teaching staff of higher educational institutions, researchers, doctoral students, graduate students and students interested in the religious issues of modern terrorism and its impact on the socio-political situation, as well as practitioners dealing with anti-terrorist activities.

Published : 2021

EUR 18
Darya SoldatenkoRegulation of international trade in intellectual property in the global economy // 206 p., ISBN 978-9949-7201-7-0122019

The present monograph examines the structure and development of world trade in various objects of intellectual property, taking into account the processes of globalization and internationalization of the world economy. The author analyses trends and evolution of regulation of international trade in IP objects and identifies the main factors of the internationalization of international trade, as well as specifics of global market of IP rights.

The author focuses on contemporary problems of international trade in intellectual property and on the intensification of Russia's participation. In addition, she identifies structural problems that impede the formation of an effective national system of intellectual property regulation in the Russian Federation.

The monograph is designed for students, graduate students and researchers, interested in the problems of the world economy and the world trade.

Published : 2019

EUR 12
Collective Monograph; Editors - L. N. Krasavina and N. S. RevenkoBRICS Countries: Cooperation and Partnership in the Multipolar World Context // 285 p., ISBN 978-9949-7201-8-7152019

In the study, presented in this book, the authors analyze national economic strategies of BRICS countries for 2018-2025, focusing on cooperation among the countries. They also explore decisions taken at BRICS summits from the viewpoint of their inclusion in national strategies, trends and potential of the sectoral priorities of their cooperation, mutual trade, foreign direct investment and the digital economy. The book substantiates the effectiveness of BRICS participation in transforming the multinational financial regulation into a global financial and economic one within the G20, the IMF and the World Bank Group throughout the reform of the world monetary system. It reveals the role of new BRICS development institutions in stimulating their socio-economic growth and solving cooperation and partnership problems.

The study is recommended to executives and analysts, involved in foreign economic activity, researchers, faculty members in the disciplines of the world economy, international economic relations, international monetary and financial relations, graduate students, students of international economic relations.

Published : 2019

EUR 15
Anastasia LionEffect of radiation on human beings // 83 p., ISBN978-9949-7201-6-362019

This book discusses the influence of light on human life, well-being and performance. One of the main postulates of the author is that in order to improve working capacity, mood, activity, labor productivity of a person in rooms with artificial lighting, it is necessary to install dynamic lighting.

The author presentsdynamic lighting installation in a computer-class and discusses methods for testing people in order to identify the positive effect of the installation on mood, activity, and performance during the day

Published : 2019

Nicolas RouillerLegal instruments and environment of international business // 620 p., ISBN 978-9949-7201-2-5652018

This book presents the substance of the legal rules applicable to business operations from an international perspective.

Among a large number of topics, it deals notably with contracts, agency, companies, intellectual property (incl. licensing), security rights (incl. letters of credit) and financial instruments - including recent developments related to cryptocurrencies and smart contracts. It also lays down general principlesregarding business crimes, non-contractual liabilities, constitutional liberties and procedural rules.

Its particularity is an approach starting systematically from international sources, which are today progressively shaping a nearly universal understanding of legal instruments, as regards their substance, and of the legal environment of business.

Designed for multinational audiences of students in management and economics, it can also be useful for lawyers interested in a resolutely international perspective.

Published : 2018

EUR 65
Editor-in-Chief - G.B. MirzoevScientific articles of the Russian Academy of Advocacy and Notaries // 221 p., ISBN 978-9949-7201-0-1202017

The scientific and legal journal "Academic Works of the Russian Academy of Advocacy and Notary" was founded in 2000. Its founder and publisher is the Russian Academy of Advocacy and Notary.

The journal is registered with the Russian Federal Surveillance Service for Compliance with the Law in Mass Communications and Cultural Heritage Protection.

The present book is a collection of articles from this journal, having caused the greatest resonance in the scientific community, from 2012 to 2017.

Published : 2017

EUR 20
Nicolas RouillerContrat et immatériel en Suisse // 76 p., ISBN 978-9949-7201-5-6172018

Contracts and intangible assets are omnipresent in modern economic life. The relationship between intangible assets and the contract is a topic of infinite scope.

The present book, which develops a report initially held in an international conference,delves into several aspects of this relationship, in particular in connection with the licenses.

It also deals with what can be called the constantly increasing immateriality of the contractual processes.

Published : 2018

EUR 17
Nicolas RouillerEconomie solidaire. Les instruments juridiques et leur contexte (Nicolas Rouiller. Solidarity economy. Legal instruments and their context)// 103 p, ISBN 978-9949-7485-6-3112021

The solidarity economy has countless facets. The concept includes companies whose purpose or methods of action are part of a disinterested perspective or of deliberately limited profitability. Various legal regimes used for these purposes have existed for many years, while recent reforms in several countries seek to create new legal instruments. This book provides an overview, taking a functional approach.

The analysis focused on current legal instruments is preceded by a presentation which situates the evolution of philosophical doctrines and political economy in parallel with the development of contemporary forms of business, including in particular limited companies and cooperatives. The role of associations, foundations and other phenomena, such as alternative currencies (including cryptocurrencies), is also discussed.

The book is based on the general report presented by the author to the Henri Capitant Association of French Legal CultureFriends at its 2019 annual congress, which devoted an entire day to the theme of the solidarity economy. It benefited from the rich information provided by the reports of many national groups that are members of this association. It has been substantially completed for this publication.

Published : 2021

EUR 11
Andrey BoginskyMethodological basis for creating promising high-tech products in the digital transformation // 252 p, ISBN 978-9949-7485-4-9282021

The monograph is devoted to the study and formation of the foundations for creating promising high-tech products in the context of thedigital transformation of the global economic system. It discusses thebasics of ensuring the competitiveness of high-tech products in thedigital age based on new management tools arising from the applicationof new technologies of the fourth industrial revolution, such asbig data, the Internet of things, virtual and augmented reality, 3Dprinting, quantum computing, autonomous robots, brain-computertechnology, etc.

The book provides practical recommendations on managing theprocesses of creating promising high-tech products using modernmethodological approaches aimed at solving the problem of theproduct design at a given cost and competitiveness in the marketwith the use of modern digital solutions and intelligent methods ofselecting the most promisinginnovative solutions.

The monographhas the practical value for a wide range of readers, both economistsand practitioners - top managers of industrial companies.

Published : 2021

EUR 28
A. Tyulin, A. ChursinAdvanced development and sustainability of a company in the conditions of crises and transformation of global economies // 428 p, ISBN 978-9949-7485-9-4282021

The monograph presents theoretical and methodological developments allowing to form the theoretical basis for the development of a unified methodology for ensuring the company's advanced development, which contains a practice-oriented methodological tools for the assessment and management of this process.

The formulated decision-making rules contain the main methods, tools and mechanisms and allow to ensure technological leadership in the real economy in the face of the challenges of the XXI century.

The monograph will be of interest to scientists, theoretical economists dealing with the problems of microeconomics, industrial technologists, heads of industrial organizations, as well as researchers interested in the described issues.

Published : 2021

EUR 28
Tyutkova IrinaPedagogical terminological dictionary: educational reference manual//194 p, ISBN 978-9949-7485-7-0112021

The Pedagogical Terminological Dictionary is an educational reference manual on the theory and practice of teachingand education, intended for students, teachers, heads of educational organizations and all those interested in pedagogy.

The purpose of this textbook is to provide assistance in pedagogical activity, mastering the conceptual apparatus and application in practical work of the education system and social development of society.

Published : 2021

EUR 11
Zelenkov M.Y.Fundamental factors of terrorism of the XXI century //435 p., ISBN 978-9949-7485-5-6202021

Based on an information-analytical approach to theoreticaland practical experience of terrorist and anti-terrorist activitiessolved the problem of revealing the fundamental factors of terrorism in the XXI century.The basis for considering the problem is the methodology of systemic complexholisticresearch. The author reveals scientifically basedthe results of the analysis of the category "terrorism", the structure and content of the systemfundamental risk factors of terrorism in the modern history of mankind,as well as factors that play the role of a catalyst in the origin and developmentvarious types of terrorism of the XXI century.

The author's approaches to solvingthe tasks of damping the risk factors of modern terrorism, within the framework ofanti-terrorist activities. Contribution is essentialthe author in the development of theoretical foundations in the field of countering terrorism.The scientific work is of interest to the facultythe composition of higher educational institutions, researchers, doctoral students, graduate studentsand students interested in the problems of modern terrorism and its influence on the socio-political environment, as well as practitionersspecialists dealing with anti-terrorist activities.

Published : 2021

EUR 20
Viсtor A. Kanke50 critical essays on the philosophy of science //169 p, ISBN 978-9949-7485-8-7182022

The present edition examines the main provisions of modern philosophy of science in the form of short sketches. In particular, the author pays attention to the principle of theoretical representation, the nature of scientific theories, scientific methods, intertheoretical relations, the structure of modern science, positivistic, critical-rationalistic, analytical, phenomenological, hermeneutic and poststructuralist projects of science. A critical assessment of the achievements and omissions of outstanding representatives of the philosophy of science is also given.

The philosophy of science serves as a means of enriching the conceptual and methodological content of any branch of science. The book is intended for everyone who strives for a deep understanding of the main trends in the development of modern science and modern civilization in general.

Interview with the Author

Published : 2022

EUR 18
Maxim GrigoryevCountering terrorist propaganda // 90 p., ISBN 978-9949-7201-3-2152018

This book is the result of a large-scale research, made by the Foundationfor the Study of Democracy, aimed at identifying obvious and hidden forms of influence and methods, used by terrorist recruiters, and an outlook on their activities.

It sets forth the principles, main lines and methods of countering terrorism propaganda, as well as counter-narratives, quotes and examples of “ready-to-use” materials that can also be found on the website of the Foundation for the Study of Democracy.

Practical recommendations, given in the book, are based on the critical analysis of a large data array on criminal activities of numerous illegal organizations.

The readers are offered specific arguments for use in counter-narrative efforts and lots of practical advice to counter terrorist propaganda.

Published : 2018

EUR 15
Editor: Uranbek ShergazievConference Proceedings: Global Food Forum 2021. Dialogue without borders.// 155 p., ISBN 978-9916-9745-2-0---2022

The collection presents the reports of participants of the Global Food Forum organized by Moscow StateUniversity of Food Production (MSUFP) jointly with the Council for Science and Continuing Educationof the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly, with the support of the Federation Council Committee on Agricultureand Food Policy and Environmental Management of the Federal Assembly and the assistance of MoscowOffice of the Food and Agriculture Organization.

The Global Food Forum 2021 became a venue for wide-ranging discussion of plans and actions realized in the Russian Federation and a number of foreign organisations to achieve the Sustainable DevelopmentGoals. A number of proposals were made towards coordination of inter-sectoral actions along the entirechain of food systems (production, transportation, storage, distribution and consumption), drawingspecial attention to the problems coupled with Sustainable Development Goals in scientific research,their expansion and allocation of necessary resources for these purposes, training of required personnel,including highly qualified staff.

The Forum was attended by representatives of 28 universities and research institutes from such countries as: Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Iran, Uzbekistan, Germany, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Kazakhstan,China, Tajikistan, Bulgaria and the UAE. The global attention to the Forum is accounted for by the importance of uniting world community efforts for identification and prevention of internal and external threats to food security, for developmentof common constructive decisions on improvement of food systems, on achieving progress, throughthe food resource, in respect of all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals with the view of sustainablereproduction of healthy and full-value life.


Published : 2022

EUR ---
Editors : Rudenko Alexander Viktorovich, Jerzy KaspzhakConference Proceedings: Vth Khmyrovsky Criminalistic Readings 2021 // 198 p., ISBN 978-9916-9745-3-7---2022

On 17 December, 2021 the fifth applied research conference “Khmyrov Criminalistic Readings”was held in the premises of Kuban State University with participation of academicstaff from the Russian Federation, near and far-abroad countries – Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan,Azerbaijan, Poland, Lithuania, on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the establishmentof the Criminalistics and Legal Informatics Department.

The 2021 conference wasone of the most representative in the history of this event. More than 100 applications fromscholars all over the world were submitted to participate in the Conference.The Organising and Programme Committees of the Conference included representativesof the Police Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan(Baku, Azerbaijan), Almaty Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic ofKazakhstan (Almaty, Kazakhstan), Baikal State University (Irkutsk, Russia), Immanuel KantBaltic Federal University (Kaliningrad, Russia), Belarusian State University (Minsk, Belarus),University of Warmia and Mazury (Poland, Olsztyn), Kuban State University (Krasnodar,Russian Federation), Kuban State University (Moscow, Russia), Kuban State AgrarianUniversity (Krasnodar, Russian Federation), Kuban State Agrarian University (Krasnodar,Russia), Bolashak Academy in Karaganda (Karaganda, Kazakhstan), Krasnodar Universityof the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia (Krasnodar, Russia), Lomonosov MoscowState University (Moscow, Russia), National Research Tomsk State University (Moscow,Russia). Lomonosov Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia), National Research TomskState University (Tomsk, Russia), Tula State University (Tula, Russia), Tajik State Universityof Law, Business and Politics (Khujand, Tajikistan), Mykolas Romeris University (Vilnius,Lithuania), Udmurt State University (Izhevsk, Russia).

The purpose of the conference was to perpetuate the scientific heritage of the outstandingRussian scientist, founder of Kuban school of criminalistics Alexander A. Khmyrov (1925-2017) and to elaborate new approaches to the development of criminalistics, forensic expertise,criminal intelligence and surveillance, evidentiary process and other applied branchesof legal knowledge.


Published : 2022

EUR ---
Editors: Tatyana Popadyuk, Saidkhror Gulyamov, Sharafutdin KhashimkhodzhaevConference Proceedings: Managerial Sciences in the Modern World // 249 p., ISBN 978-9916-9745-5-1---2022

The present collection consists of the reports of the “Managerial Sciences in the Modern World” conference participants. The conference participants included representatives from Latvia, Republic of Fiji, Kuwait, India, Uzbekistan and Russia. Delegates from 25 universities, including 6 foreign higher educational establishments, took part in the sections’ work.

The central event of the first day of the conference was a plenary session. It was then followed by thematic sessions in such areas as change management and leadership, business strategies and sustainable development, international management and business, theoretical issues of management, theory and practice of project management, corporate governance and corporate social responsibility, strategic financial management, knowledge and talent management, and others.


Published : 2022

EUR ---
Editors: Irina A. Tyutkova, Ismail B. Baykhanov, Yulia A. LaamartiConference Proceedings: International Best Practices of Pedagogical Activity: Experience, Risks, Prospects // 417 p., ISBN 978-9916-9745-6-8---2022

The aim of the conference “International Best Practices in Pedagogical Activity:Experience, Risks, Prospects” was to discuss efficient practices of transformation of modern education aimed at updating its content by strengthening practical orientation and integration of higher and general education, exchange of experience among educators actively using modern educational technologies.The conference was presented with 102 papers by representatives of educational organisations from Russia and foreign countries, including Latvia, Kazakhstan, Belarusand Uzbekistan.


Published : 2022

EUR ---
Korzhuev A.V., Ikrennikova Y.B. Pedagogical scientific dialogue: "despite the roadblocks..." // 226 p., ISBN 978-9916-9745-0-6212022

In the present book, the authors make an attempt to reflect all the features of scientific dialogue in pedagogical research. Such a dialogue is revealed as a method of scientific communication and a methodological form, as an element of general scientific reflection attributed to a mass of psychological components.

The book is the result of many years of authors’ work in this area: articles, books, teaching aids, guidance of graduate and doctoral students, teaching at universities. It is intended for scientists in the field of education and pedagogy, for applicants in academic degrees in pedagogical sciences, bachelors and masters of education (pedagogical and classical universities), teachers who improve their professional qualifications in the field of education. For everyone who is interested in scientific dialogue.

Published : 2022

EUR 21
Nadolinskaya T.V.Development of media creativity of a teacher in a multi-cloud environment // 160 p., ISBN 978-9916-9745-1-3142022

The monograph reveals the theoretical and methodological foundations of research on teacher's media creativity through the use of multimedia and cloud technologies in the system of higher and additional professional education, describes the essential characteristics of teacher's media creativity, and characterizes the trends in the development of cloud technologies in information educational spaces. The book classifies main types of electronic educational products, proposes interactive forms of working with a teacher in online environment and gives methodological recommendations for updating the content of school programs in a multi-cloud educational environment.

The program "Multimedia and cloud technologies in the creative activity of a teacher" includes lectures and practical tasks that are created in a multi-cloud educational environment, as well as monitoring the assessment of the quality of media knowledge and media skills of students.

The monograph is addressed to students, undergraduates, graduate students, teachers and professors.

Published : 2022

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